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August 30, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Garage Door Screen for You

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Relaxing in your garage at the end of the day watching the sunset sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You’re reclined on your favorite chair with your drink of choice in hand enjoying the fall weather… there’s nothing better. 

Now, let’s get realistic. 

Add a few moths and a handful of mosquitoes into the mix. Suddenly, you’re spending all your time squatting flies out of your face and itching new bug bites

To keep your relaxing evening from turning into an uncomfortable next few days, you need to invest in a screen door for your garage. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best garage door screen for your home. 

Let’s get started below! 

Different Types of Garage Door Screen Systems

When you start shopping for a garage door screen, you’ll come across terms like “retractable,” “motorized,” “roll-up,” etc. So what’s the difference? Before you spend money on anything, here’s what you need to know about the main types of garage door screen systems. 


A retractable garage door screen sits in a mount at the top of your garage door. When you want to keep the bugs out, all you have to do is pull a chain, and the screen slides down the tracks along the edge of the garage door opening.

It’s similar to a roller shade on home windows. 

This type of screen is light and easy to pull up and down when you need it. Since it rolls up into its mount, it also doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you already have things hanging from your garage roof, like bikes, a retractable screen might be the best choice for you. 


Similar to a normal retractable screen, this screen rolls up and down at the touch of a button. While this makes the screen more expensive to buy and install, it does provide a few extra benefits. 

First of all, it’s convenient. You can control the screen without having to get up and manually lift it. 

Motorized screens are also a helpful option for large garages. It can be challenging to lowed a screen for a three-car garage. After all, the bigger the screen, the heavier it is. 


If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to get hit by a lowering garage door screen. If you have a lot of young kids or want to prevent accidents, you might want to consider sliding garage door screens. 

These screens sit at the side of your garage, broken down into several stacking panels. Each panel is attached to a track on the garage roof and the garage floor to keep them in place. When you need them, you simply pull them across the opening of your garage. 

This type of garage door bug screen is, in some ways, more functional than retractable screens. You can use one of the panels as a door, meaning you don’t have to close the entire screen every time someone comes in or out. 

Keep in mind, though, the floor tracks can be a tripping hazard for toddlers or the elderly. You’ll also have to keep them clean to prevent dirt and other debris from blocking the screen panel tires. 


A roll-up garage door screen doesn’t have any type of frame or track at all, which makes it the most affordable option on this list. You simply use hooks to attach it to the top of your garage door open and then again to the sides to keep it in place. 

You’ll have to take it down every time you aren’t using it and rehang it when you want it. This makes it more difficult to use than other systems, but it can save you some money if you have a tight budget. 


A lifestyle screen looks similar to your normal garage door. It sits below your door on the ceiling, and you can pull it down like you would a traditional garage door. Because of this, it only takes a few seconds to set up and put away again. 

Many of these screen systems also include a residential-sized door in the screen. You can open and close it like you would your home’s front door, which makes it a convenient choice if you have a lot of traffic going in and out of your garage. 

However, this type of screen doesn’t leave you a lot of ceiling space for hanging belongings, and it might be slightly heavier than some of the other options on this list. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy  

As you start researching the best garage door screen system for your home, make sure you think about the practical function, not just what looks good. Make sure you consider the following things before you get in touch with a professional garage door screen installer. 

“What Is My Budget?” 

You shouldn’t put yourself in debt buying a garage door screen. Buy a system you can afford, or spend a few extra months saving up your money. 

“How Often Will I Use the Screen?”

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage? Will you only need the screen for occasional parties? 

If you don’t plan to use the screen often, you might not need to spend the extra money on motorizing it. However, if you will be out in your garage every weekend, getting something more convenient for you can be worth the extra cost. 

“Will My Pets Be Joining Me in the Garage?”

If you have any pets, you might want to check the type of mesh material on the screen. Some meshes are only designed to keep the bugs out, not to withstand dog toenails or cat claws. That said, there are stronger, pet-proof meshes available. 

“Do I Want Any Privacy?”

You might not want everyone who’s walking their dog to have a clear view of everything going on inside your garage. To add a bit of privacy, make sure you look at the color of the mesh. Lifestyle, sliding, or retractable screens can often offer more privacy than a simple roll-up screen. 

Finding the Best Garage Door Screen for Your Needs

Do you need help finding the best garage door screen for your home? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Access Entry Systems today! We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for! 

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